Who We Are?


At Uhelp we provide Honesty Snack Boxes, with a Charitable Donation

U Help have been operating in Australia for over 25 years, providing convenience to busy lives while supporting those in need.

  • We cater for the ‘grab and go’ needs of your office, where staff can ‘t easily access food items.
  • Our box includes a selection of premium chocolate bars, muesli bars, trail mix, chips and cookies.
  • We have fantastic relationships with out business partners.
  • We have thousands of locations across NSW, VIC and QLD – both in city and country areas.
  • In 2018 we aim to donate 50% of all profits to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

How it Works?

  • If you would like a Snack box for your office staff room, simply email us on info@uhelp.net.au. We will arrange a box to be delivered to you with a mix of 55 snack items; Health or Nut Free options are also available.
  • When staff select an item from the snack box they simply place $3 in the money box provided or use our U Help app for easy cash free payments.
  • Discounts apply when making multiple purchases with the app.
  • One of our amazing Licensees or friendly drivers will replace your Snack Box with a new box every 4 weeks.
  • It couldn’t be easier to provide tasty, convenient snacks your colleagues can enjoy at anytime of the day.